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An Intimacy coach is a professional who can help you increase your feeling of safety and comfort with an intimate partner which will lead to a better & more satisfying sex life! People in general tend to struggle when trying to enhance intimacy in a relationship. Communicating our own emotional as well as sexual needs isn’t a walk in the park by any means, or even possible many times without the appropriate guidance. Receiving those messages clearly from our partners is also not easy and if not communicated properly can be devastating to the relationship as a whole.

An Intimacy Coach supports the process of exploration by allowing room for increased comfort, and creating a closer connection with your partner. An Intimacy Coach can help build you both up sexually as well as emotionally simultaneously. Dr. Stacy’s goal is to always offer guidance and support, both to you individually and as a couple.

Why Contact Intimacy Coach, Dr. Stacy?

Dr. Stacy is an expert in great sex. Her sex coaching as well as intimacy coaching has supported both men and women in reconnecting in ways beyond their wildest dreams. Each coaching session is tailored to your specific desires. Her workshops are empowering to both individuals and couples to face any challenges that lie ahead. She wants you to reach your peak relationship goals.

Intimacy Coaching can be utilized for both men and women, of any sexual orientation, to learn about sexuality, sexual function, and sexual expression. Dr. Stacy Friedman really cares about helping people to connect sexually and experience the best sexual intimacy with themselves & their partner(s).  Her caring is a primary goal of hers.

She studied the field of Clinical Sexology because of her compassion for people and the realization that there is a definite need for both singles and couples to enjoy their most intimate desires. Dr. Stacy has a Doctorate degree in Human Sexuality as well as a Masters in Clinical Sexology and she is a Certified Sex Coach. She’s a member of WASC (World Association of Sex Coaching), including ACS (The American College of Sexologists).  Her medical background increases her support enabling her to more completely understand the many different medical conditions or diseases that can affect how the body performs physically, emotionally and sexually.

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