Women’s Sexual Issues East Boca

  • LOW OR MISMATCHED SEX DRIVES Couples near East Boca Raton can have unequal sex drives! This very uncomfortable problem can cause too much stress to have a healthy sexual relationship. 
    • Sex Coaching can help to achieve a better understanding of a partner’s needs and result in a more satisfying sex life for both parties.
  • PAINFUL INTERCOURSE (DYSPAREUNIA) Pain during sexual intercourse can cause lots of problems in a couple’s relationship. Identifying the underlying medical or emotional cause is needed in order to help turn this around. 
    • In addition to the physically painful sex, there is also the possibility of negative emotional effects. These types of situations should be addressed ASAP to avoid deeper emotional and physical symptoms from building up, and over time worsening the situation, resulting in the end of the connection. If you are one of the people dealing with this, you can feel secure knowing that working with women who have pain is one of Dr. Stacy’s specialties.
  • ORGASM DIFFICULTIES Anorgasmia is an inability to reach orgasm and is thought to occur in about 12% of women.  75% of women admit that they aren’t able to achieve orgasm during intercourse. 
    • Anorgasmia may be either primary (the woman has never been able to reach an orgasm) or secondary (an orgasm was experienced at some point in the past, but has not been achieved again). 
    • This often is more of a matter of exploring and training your body. Sex Coaching with Dr. Stacy can help you overcome this problem!
  • PREGNANCY OR POSTPARTUM CONCERNS  It’s no secret that pregnancy results in changes to your physical body as well as your mental state. Pregnancy hormones flood the body and sexual issues can arise that are not always easily recognized. 
    • Sex to get pregnant can be fun and exhilarating but if it takes too long to conceive or if you get pregnant too quickly that feeling can go away just as fast. How can you improve your sex life while trying to get pregnant or if you have just had a baby? The funny thing is this area is normally a concern for Men & Women equally. 
Questions that tend to come up Postpartum:
  • What will my sex life be like after baby? 
  • Will my husband still find me sexy?
  • Will my vagina look different? 
  • Will sex hurt? 
  • What is sex like after the baby? 

Meeting with an Intimacy Coach like Dr. Stacy can help you explore and answer those questions before they become an issue in your relationship.

  • SEXUAL ANXIETIES & INHIBITIONS We tend to fear telling our partner what we want, like or don’t like in the bedroom. But why?? This fear normally comes from anxiety many of us have when discussing sex. 
    • Sexual concerns and performance anxiety are very common and can be resolved with great success with a clinical sexologist.
  • DATING CONCERNS Breaking up after a long relationship or marriage can be terrifying. Starting to date for the first time in a long time can get  overwhelming…FAST. The first step when starting over is you want to ensure you look and feel your best. 

Dr. Stacy, near East Boca Raton, can help you improve upon things such as how you feel about yourself, inside and out. With the internet and explosion of dating sites, dating is completely different than it was even 10 + years ago, so a coach like Dr. Stacy can support her clients even with developing a profile that will attract interest in others! Let her help you make the right choices when it comes to dating and sex.

A sex coach should provide you with a safe, non-judgmental place where you can communicate openly and receive support, advice, and have a sex-pert to answer the hard questions you can’t talk to your friends about!

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