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It may be difficult to get your partner to commit to coming in and talking to Dr. Stacy, especially if they are very shy, or maybe the office is a far commute for you. That’s okay! You can also talk to her from the comfort of your home, or wherever you can bring your phone or computer for privacy. 

Coaching can help you release negative thoughts you may have about sex in general or help you to move forward from an issue you’ve had in the past. 

Sex Coaching can help you get rid of guilt or shame and allow you to accept yourself with positive emotions, feelings and to look deep within to discover your thoughts and beliefs with an open mind and heart.

Through coaching, books, helpful online sites, programs, and exercises, you may learn new techniques, to move forward from things that may not have worked well before.  Online sessions can help enhance and improve any present issues or concerns you may have, individually or as part of a couple. Simply put, a sex coach can help you to reach your maximum sexual potential. 


In a Phone/Skype/Online intimacy coaching session Dr. Stacy can help you:

  • Get clear with your intimacy goals with your partner.
  • Do deep soul searching into what sexual obstacles you want to overcome.
  • Implement homework assignments and tasks to reach your maximum sexual potential

Phone sessions are offered for individuals or couples just as they would be in person.

Don’t let distance or shyness keep you from experiencing the best sex of your life! Dr. Stacy offers multiple platforms to get in touch with her, without compromising the experience.


Platforms Dr. Stacy Can Be Reached On:


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