What is a Sexologist?

A clinical sexologist studies human behavior and human sexuality. A sexologist does not engage in any kind of sexual behavior with their clients. There is no touching, nudity or demonstrations done, it is more like a regular therapy session that includes sexual education. 

Most people that schedule a consultation with a sexologist is because they are lacking physical intimacy in their relationship. Some also have issues with low sex drive, or the inability to climax or reach orgasm. And it’s not always about having mind blow, life-altering sex, it’s about just having sex at all. 

Couples that have children, are trying to conceive or are currently pregnant or just had a baby,  have family issues, money problems, work stress, and more and are all struggling with the same issue, they just aren’t having sex at all. It’s frustrating for all parties involved. When one partner seems to have a higher sex drive than the other it can leave everyone feeling unsatisfied and lonely. 

There are ways to fix this, your relationship is not doomed. A dr sexologist like Dr. Stacy can help with mismatched libidos, difficulty climaxing or reaching orgasm, or in a relationship where they just aren’t being intimate or having sex at all.

Dr. Stacy has an initial 15-minute sexologist free advice consultation to determine if meeting with her is a good fit for you and your partner. She also has sexologist online sessions available for booking if you’re not local to the Parkland, FL area and want a sexologist near me, or want to avoid a commute to her office. Online sexologist sessions are just as informative as in-person sessions, and you can attend in the privacy of your own home.


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