What is an Intimacy Coach

Are you totally unsatisfied with your current sex life? Was sex an amazing explosion of passion and lust with your partner and has it just fallen completely flat? You are not alone. Intimacy coaches can help you during your sexual frustration with your partner, and they can be a total game-changer when it comes to your vanilla or non-existent sex life. 

What intimacy coaching does is help you and your partner try out different forms of intimacy until you find what works best for both of you. It’s not just about adult or sex toys either, (which Dr. Stacy has a shop for too, definitely check it out – http://shop.drstacyfriedman.com/) she helps with deep-rooted emotional issues if that is what is causing the lull, and can help you and your partner work through those problems of the past. By doing so, you can have the best sex of your life, and keep your current partner beyond sexually satisfied.

Building an Intimate Foundation

If you don’t have a solid foundation it can be really difficult to build anything, from a business to a home, and even a gratifying sex life. An intimacy and relationship coach can help set you and your partner up with a solid foundation, building up sexual intimacy, emotional intimacy, and physical intimacy. Intimacy isn’t just a light switch you can turn on and off. It has to be nurtured and worked at. 

Intimacy coaching can help couples bring back the fire and passion into the bedroom, or the bathroom, or kitchen floor (whatever you enjoy!). It can be even better than when you first met. Would you enjoy having that connection with your significant other again? If so, it’s time to connect with a sensual coach & intimacy coach like me.

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