Dating Concerns

After breaking up from a marriage or long-term relationship, it can be scary getting back out into the dating world. By relying on one person for so long to address your needs, you may have lost your confidence to do it on your own. 

Being single can be very liberating as you are forced to see what you can do and be empowered to grow stronger by learning new skills and talents that you never knew existed! 

First thing is that you want to look and feel attractive. I can help you work on things that you may want to improve upon with how you feel about yourself and your looks. There are a lot of changes with dating etiquette; especially with the internet and dating sites around, so a coach can help with developing a profile that will strike interest in others. 

Learning where to go from there can be worked on as well. Being sexual with someone new after being in a long-term relationship may be daunting and you may want to improve on some skills. 

Let Sex Coach Dr. Stacy Friedman support you in making good choices when it comes to your dating and sex life!


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