Women’s Intimacy Group Support Sessions

Dr. Stacy’s Intimacy Group Support Sessions always have a minimum of 3 women participating. These sessions are ideal for individuals who want support and guidance but can’t afford private sessions, or prefer to talk amongst peers. This way they can still receive comfort from others that may be going through similar experiences.

Although there are similarities, men and women experience sex differently. Intimacy group support sessions help women work through underlying issues to be able to move forward, and learn to manage their daily lives that may interfere with their intimate relationships. This group session allows clients to discuss intimate concerns and share with peers struggling with similar issues.

Together, we can review different ways of getting your relationship’s intimacy back on track. 

Here are some of the benefits you can experience from Intimacy Group Support Sessions:

  • More full-filling sex
  • Better communication which leads to stronger intimacy
  • Learn about sexual aids and toys to spice up the bedroom
  • Speaking with others to know you’re not alone
  • How to nurture intimacy
  • Feel more alive and self-aware
  • Being true to the sexual you


Client Testimonies

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