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Sex Coaching combines educational techniques and structured guidance to empower you to reach your full sexual potential. It can be as simple as learning anatomy and physiology to something more complex, like gender identity concerns. 

Do some deep soul searching into what is stopping you from opening up and being true to yourself and your sexuality with your partner. Understanding how the body works and how you respond to stimuli can open you up to an enhanced sexual experience.

Sex Coaching can help release negative thoughts you may have about sex in general. It may also help you move forward from an issue you are currently experiencing. 

Sex Coaching can also help eliminate guilt or shame and allow you to accept & love yourself with positive emotions, feelings and to look deep within to discover your thoughts and beliefs with an open mind and heart.

Through coaching, books, programs, and exercises, you may learn new intimate techniques, to move forward from things that may not have worked in the past. 

You can also enhance and improve any present issues or concerns you may have, individually or as part of a couple. 

Simply put, Dr. Stacy can help you to reach your maximum sexual potential!

Here are some sex issues Dr. Stacy can help you work through:


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