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Intimacy coaches are trained professionals who strive to help you feel safer and more comfortable being close to an intimate partner, and have better sex! Many of us weren’t taught  how to build intimacy in a relationship, and many lack positive experiences with physical or emotional closeness, and find it hard to communicate sexual or emotional needs or understand those of our partners.

An Intimacy Coach can help with that. Intimacy Coaching teaches you in a goal oriented and forward moving setting to feel safe and experience increased comfort with a close connection. The Intimacy Coach helps you identify and build both sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy. An Intimacy Coach offers guidance and support, individually or as a couple, can act as a referee, and puts together a game plan – in or outside the box – to help individuals and couples create the best intimacy and sex possible.

Why Choose Intimacy Coach, Dr. Stacy?

Dr. Stacy has years of experience in Boca Raton teaching both men and women to educate themselves in a fun, positive approach to love, romance and all aspects of sexuality. She accomplishes this through her workshops and expertise with adult toys and novelties.  Dr. Stacy can provide answers to help you move forward in a positive direction. This will empower you to face the challenges that may lie ahead and to achieve your goals. Intimacy Coaching is designed to help men and women, of any sexual orientation, address their concerns about sexuality, sexual function, and sexual expression.

Dr. Stacy Friedman cares deeply about helping people to connect with each other and to experience the best sexual intimacy with themselves or with their partner(s).  She joined the field of Clinical Sexology because of her compassionate nature. Dr. Stacy has a Doctorate degree in Human Sexuality as well as a Masters in Clinical Sexology and she is a Certified Sex Coach. Dr. Stacy is a member of WASC (World Association of Sex Coaching), including ACS (The American College of Sexologists). These are the top credentials in the field. Dr. Stacy’s thorough medical background enables her to fully understand medical conditions and diseases that can affect how the body functions physically, emotionally and sexually.

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