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Are you a good candidate for Sex Therapist in West Palm Beach or Sex Coach?

How is a Sex Coach different than a Sex Therapist? In general, Sex Coaching is goal-oriented and forward moving, while therapy usually deals in deep-seated emotional issues. A therapist is a licensed practitioner who usually has a degree in psychotherapy or social work and focuses on treating people with unresolved trauma, high levels of dysfunction or on couples with deep-seated emotional challenges that negatively impact their relationship.

Many people who have intimacy issues find their childhood or growing years lacked a loving, nurturing environment, making intimacy a foreign concept. Or a past negative experience such as divorce or sexual trauma can cause a person to avoid intimacy with anyone, family, friends or sexual partners. These are some of the people who can benefit from meeting with a sex therapist.

How can I determine if Sex Coaching is right for me?

Your first 15-minute consultation is complementary to ensure my services are right for you. The free advice sexologist contact number is offered by phone or Skype voice only (no video for consult). Once you decide that my services fit your needs, I offer sex coaching sessions by phone, Skype voice or video, or in my office. A session, which can be for Individuals and/or Couples would last 50 minutes, however, the sessions can be extended by 25 minutes in order to achieve your desired results.

A follow-up session is used to check-in after sessions are completed if needed for extra guidance, motivation or to ask and answer simple questions. It can also be used if only 30 minutes are needed for people who do not need in-depth sex coaching but have Q&A where a full hour may not be necessary.

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