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5 Ways to Spice Up the Marriage Bed

5 Ways to Spice Up the Marriage Bed
When food is bland, and it too often is, people will comment that the dish needs some more spice. Spices make boring dishes flavorful and tasty. Great chefs know this and apply their special blend of spices and seasoning to dishes that would otherwise be mundane and just plain normal. Based on coaching and conversations with couples, I routinely hear the same sentiment about the marriage bed. It could use some more spice, some more flavor, something to make it more tasty and desirable. When someone asks me how to spice up the marriage, sexually speaking, I believe it is a great question. The person asking wants the marriage, and if the person did not care, he or she would not be asking! Here are a few things I have commonly suggested:
1) Bring your iphone with you.
Take some sexy pictures during your sexual encounter. Make a video. Take turns holding the camera/phone so each spouse can see angles and views they don’t normally get to see. Note: For your own piece of mind, turn off “share to iCloud” so that everything you capture stays completely on the phone. Watch the sexy scene together afterwards or scroll through the pictures together and discuss which ones you like the best. You may be surprised what positions you want to try with your phone next time.
2) Bedroom is off limits.
Have sex in a different room. Try the kitchen and the laundry room. If those go well, plan to ensure every room in the house has been conquered!
3) Start with a massage.
One evening, the husband should play masseuse. I am not talking about five minute backrub here, but a nice long sensual massage that moves to sex afterwards. The next evening, it is time to switch places and the wife is the masseuse.
4) Hotel sex is the best sex.
It has been said that hotel sex is the best sex because maybe because there are not chores staring you in the face or bills lying on the counter. Maybe knowing the people in the room next door could possibly hear you adds to excitement. It does help to get a away for a night, have a dinner together, pack a sexy piece of lingerie, take a long shower together, and have great sex.
5) Pick up your wife at a hotel or restaurant bar.
If you are even a mild fan of roleplaying, this one can be very intriguing. She should dress really sexy and enter the bar ten minutes before he does. She should sit at the bar or near the bar and order a drink. He should arrive, position himself close to her, and approach and ask if he can buy her a drink. As you talk, people around you may wonder the conclusion, as you leave together to go have passionate sex.
Those are just a few suggestions I bring to couples that desire to bring some spice into the marriage bed. I thoroughly enjoy coaching them through the process of making things as hot as they want. If you would like to discuss spicing things up, you can contact me here
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