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Are you and your partner good candidates for Sex Coaching?
Sex Coach vs. Sex Therapist 

Sex Coaching focuses on helping you to achieve your sexual desires on your own or with your partner, while sex therapy is needed when there are deeper emotional issues that need to be addressed. A sex therapist is a licensed practitioner who has a degree in psychotherapy or social work and focuses on treating people with unresolved traumas, higher levels of dysfunction or on couples with emotional challenges that have negatively impacted their relationship no matter what they have tried to do to overcome those issues on their own.

A negative experience from their past such as a divorce, rape, or other sexual trauma can cause a person to avoid intimacy with anyone, including friends or sexual partners. A Sex Therapist is then the professional needed to treat these patients that need more than just a coaching session.

How Do I Know If Sex Coaching Is Right For Me and my Partner?

Dr. Stacy provides an introductory 15-minute consultation free of charge to future patients. This consult helps Dr. Stacy and you make sure that her services are a solution to your needs. 

Her free advice sexologist contact number is offered by phone or Skype voice only (there is no video used for initial consults). If you decide that Dr. Stacy’s services fit your needs, her sex coaching sessions can then be provided by phone, Skype voice, video, or face to face in-office appointments. 

Sessions are usually 50 minutes, but may be extended by an additional 25 minutes in order to finish up any questions you might have. Additional follow-up sessions can be scheduled if needed for extra guidance, motivation or to ask and answer non complex questions.


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