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  • INCOMPATIBLE SEX DRIVES Couples can often approach a relationship with mismatched sex drives! This is an uncomfortable situation that can cause enough stress to prevent a healthy sexual union. Sex Coaching can lead you to a better understanding of your partner’s needs. The result will be a more gratifying sex life for all involved!

    Pain during sex is not rare. Ongoing pain can lead to avoidance and sexual abstinence which can be detrimental to any couple’s relationship. Whether a medical or emotional reason, a medically trained person is needed in order to help provide solutions to this common issue. Physical pain is just one issue. There is also the possibility of previous emotional trauma bringing to light negative emotions from the past.

    These situations should be addressed as quickly as possible to prevent stronger symptoms from developing which may lead to a lessening of the partners bond. Working with women who have pain during sex is one of Dr. Stacy’s specialties.

  • ORGASM DIFFICULTIES The inability to reach orgasm occurs in about 12% of women. 75% of women admit that they aren’t able to achieve orgasm during intercourse. Anorgasmia may be where a woman has never been able to reach an orgasm or where she has experienced an orgasm at some point in the past, but has not been achieved again. Having a professional teach you how to explore your body can resolve this issue in a reasonable amount of time.
    Pregnancy changes your body physically as well as your emotionally. Hormones flood the body and sexual issues can take a back seat to raising a new baby.

    Sex to get pregnant can be fun and exciting in the moment but if conception doesn’t happen when you want or if you get pregnant too quickly that feeling can go away just as fast as it came. Dr. Stacy can help you improve your sex life while trying to get pregnant or after just having had a baby! Concerns by both partners will be addressed during the sessions.

FAQ’s During Postpartum:
  • Will my sex life still be great after giving birth?
  • Will my partner still find me attractive?
  • Will my vagina look and feel different than before the pregnancy?
  • Will sex be painful now?
  • How long must we wait to have intercourse after delivery?

Meeting with an Intimacy Coach can help you and your spouse or partner explore and answer those questions before they become an issue in your sexual life.

  • SEXUAL ANXIETIES & INHIBITIONS Partners tend to shy away from discussing what they like or don’t like in the bedroom. These discussions should not be embarrassing; but many times it makes couples uncomfortable, or they don’t know the proper words to use to even begin a positive dialogue. Dr. Stacy can help teach the partners how to open up a conversation making it easier to talk to each other when discussing what they want sexually. Sexual issues and performance anxiety, especially for men, are very common but can often be easily resolved working with a clinical sexologist.
  • DATING CONCERNS Getting back into dating after a long time can be exciting or scary or both. The end of a long relationship or marriage can be terrifying and starting a sexual relationship with someone new can be even more frightening. The first step when starting over is making sure you look and feel your absolute best version of yourself. Dr. Stacy can advise you on how to improve the way you feel, inside and out! Dating websites and apps have created a completely different dating experience than it was even just 10 + years ago. Dr. Stacy supports her clients by helping to develop a profile that will attract interest from others and show them the real you in the best way possible.

Dr. Stacy is a Sex Coach who will provide you with a safe space where you can communicate openly and receive the support and advice you need to live the best and most satisfying sex life possible. She can answer the hard questions you may be embarrassed to talk to your friends about.

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