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Are you having any issues with Sexual Inhibitions? Do you feel that you are losing that connection with your partner which makes it uncomfortable to try new things in the bedroom? Dr. Moali and I speak about Sexual Inhibitions on her Sexology podcast, available on iTunes! I help give you ideas and tips that you can do to unleash your wild side and be a little less inhibited which can allow your intimacy and connection to build, as well as your desire. Communication is essential to find out what your partner likes and dislikes but so is compromise. Listen to your partners needs and see if there is something they say they enjoy that you are open to at least to try once (as long as it’s not against your morals or ethics). If it’s not for you then you haven’t lost anything but if you aren’t open to working with your partner to open up if they are asking to try, they you may lose more. Click here for the podcast and see if any of these tips can make a difference in your relationship! If the link doesn’t work, you can find it here…
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