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6 Steps to Start Exploring the Swinging Lifestyle

As a clinical sexologist and sex coach, I have talked with numerous couples about their desire to swing, their challenges with starting, and how to navigate their sexy and fun times in the lifestyle.
Those who are already swinging recount the awkwardness of those early conversations where they were feeling out the possibilities. I will say: husbands, if you only want to swing so you can have another woman sexually, then swinging is not for you. This needs to be about your wife’s desires and pleasures, as much, if not more than your own.
You are deciding as a team and if one person isn’t on board, then swinging isn’t a lifestyle that can be pushed. Once you are there, where the idea of her playing is a turn on for you, then here are six ways to start the sexy conversation about swinging and steps to take to move forward.
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