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Sex is amazing, we all know this. But let’s be honest, doing the same thing over and over again makes ‘rumpy pumpy’ monotonous, and a little tedious. Yes, there’s the occasional exceptional sex, but it is hard to figure out what exactly made it such a sublime experience and replicating it is even harder still. For most people, sex is not only a physical experience but a mental one too. It’s like a game that you play but the result will (almost) always be the same, that is why we need to make it a little more interesting and make an effort to add some twists to the journey. In this particular blog post, we will be focusing on how to introduce “edible” variety into the bedroom with different lotions and concoctions.

Lotions and Potions to Spice Up the Bedroom

Imagine your partner returns from the office at 6 in the evening, they are tired and exhausted. On their way back home, they keep thinking about how stressful their day has been. But they’re used to it now, every day it’s the same old routine. They come home, have dinner, watch “Jane the Virgin” with you, maybe get a little frisky if you are in the mood, and then go to sleep only to wake up and repeat the cycle over and over again. But this is not a regular day, is it? They have no idea what’s waiting for them at home.

When they finally enter your bedroom, they are taken aback with the fragrance. They look around and see a bunch of candles on the side table, giving the room a very ‘sexy’ aroma. They start wondering what all this is about. They know that this is not a regular candle. What they don’t know is that this candle releases pheromones, and as these pheromones hit their olfactory receptors, they start getting into the ‘mood’.

In the meantime, you step out of the bathroom wearing your new edible gummy bra and panties. They start moving towards you and grab you gently by the neck, lean in and give you a long, passionate kiss. Then they move down to your neck and on to your boobs. They start licking and eating that delicious bra of yours like it’s a snack (which it is). Then they move onto your edible crotchless panties. The only thing on their mind right now is how you taste.

By the time you’re done, the candles have melted and turned into silky smooth massage oil. Then you tell them to lie on the bed and use the fragrant oil to give them a sensual and relaxing massage. That was just what they needed at the end of such a hectic day. After being completely refreshed by that massage, maybe you guys are in the mood again and bump uglies one more time before going to sleep.

Sounds nice huh? Well, it could be you and your partner tomorrow. All you need to do is visit our website, order all this stuff and use it to make your sex life fun again.

This is just one example of how our products can resurrect your carnal desires. You can do all sorts of kinky stuff. We advise you to be creative and keep experimenting as you go. For instance, you can get edible massage oil or a lotion, spread it all over your partner’s body and lick it off. They have amazing flavors like vanilla, strawberry, watermelon, pineapple etcetera. You can choose any flavor you like and not only do they taste good, but they smell great as well and add to the overall ambiance of ‘the scene’.

You can check out our edible male undies. You can wear them and it would be a pleasant surprise for your girlfriend when you come back home. She gets to taste you, and maybe strawberry too. Who could have thought oral sex could be more fun than it already is, right?

Maybe turn your girlfriend into dessert by making her wear edible pasties. They may not give as strong a stimulation as a regular nipple clamp, but they sure are fun to lick off and eat if you get impatient (we won’t blame you). They can be a really luscious nipple treat, again coming in all sorts of fruity flavors.

Another option we have for couples that want to be more creative and expressive in bed are edible play-pens. You can use them to demonstrate your inner desires to your partner by drawing or writing on their bodies. Surprise surprise, they too are edible and you can lick your partner clean after you’re done dribbling or drawing on their body.

To top it all off, there’s a 20% Valentine discount running on some items right now through 2/15/21 and you get free domestic shipping if the order is above $99. So head on over to our shop and use the code “VDAY20” at checkout.

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