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When talking about sacred sex, the first thought that many people may have is that we are talking about something religious based but sacred sexuality is more about the connection to something deeper, something within that you share with your partner. It is an energy that is spiritual, but also creative and can be very expressive if you can open yourself up sexually. 

This is why it is so important to look at sex as a journey and not a destination. To look at sex as pleasure seeking and not about performance or obligation can take your experience to a whole new level. You want to have a full body experience and not just the “ins and outs” of intercourse.  Experiencing sacred sexuality and being in the moment can enhance and provide a connection that exceeds your expectations, allows you to connect with more intimacy than you thought possible and give you the chance to have an orgasm that is explosive and can bring you into another universe!

Bringing sacred sex into your bedroom can be started by looking at your partner as someone you want to explore, someone that you are devoted to and have desire to worship them and their body so you can feel the intensity. What you give to them, you will get back in return.  Even if it feels difficult at the beginning or that you are putting on an act, practice makes perfect!  The more you feel or act intensely toward your partner, the energy will grow and you will eventually do it with comfort and increasing desire.

Focus on your senses by bringing in candles that have delicious scents, things that are soft to the touch such as feathers or blankets, dim the lights, and use music that bring about a calm but energetic vibe.  Prepare your body ahead of time so you feel sexy.  Take a warm shower, shave, use a musky or sweet smelling perfume or cologne that your partner loves and wear something comfortable that makes you feel attractive. Then take it from there, take your time, focus on the touches, the kisses and look into each other eyes.  Don’t rush the time in between looking, touching and kissing so you can build the intensity. Feel the moment, enjoy the moment, be in the moment…

-By Dr. Stacy Friedman

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